Ted Cruz says Build that Fence!

Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) made an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity Show with Sean Hannity when he unloaded an argument that will no doubt make some Republican voters very happy. I think we need to solve this problem one step at a time, you don’t have to solve everything all at once, that is the fallacy of “comprehensive reform.” We need to start with actually securing the borders. One of the nice things is, existing federal law is quite robust, if you look at federal Read more […]

African American Sheriff says “No Longer Can Blacks Claim Victim Status”

  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was on Fox News recently where he said something that is sure to drive liberal warriors crazy with anger. Hillary, meet Frankenstein, they created this monster, now they realize that, if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you. And that’s what’s going on here. Sean, let’s take a look at this group, this Black Lives Matter, which i have renamed ‘Black Lies Matter,’ and the reason I have is because, this Read more […]

Senator Rand Paul Promises Us a Vote on Defunding Planned Parenthood

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night to discuss the Planned Parenthood scandal and he’s promised that the Senate would vote on defunding Planned Parenthood in August!     Sean Hannity: Here now with a reaction, the man who is behind the push to defund Planned Parenthood in the U.S. Senate, author of “Taking a Stand,” 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. I see that the mayor of New York, comrade De Blasio, apparently took Read more […]

Reverend Franklin Graham says Our Nation is Slipping Away!

The Reverend Franklin Graham has been pretty outspoken about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage across the country, and on Friday he appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio broadcast to discuss the issue and what could come from it. The Reverend said that the United States has slowly been embracing a culture of sin and immorality, and that our people should take the situation very seriously because God takes sin seriously. “I’m not surprised. Our country has been slipping Read more […]

John McCain Calls Obama a LIAR!

Senator John McCain was a guest on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show when the discussion turned to Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled speech before Congress in March and President Obama’s feigned upset about his coming. It was about that time that Senator McCain basically called the President a LIAR.     SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: What does it take to get this president’s attention? SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Why does this president, you heard what he said about the crusades last week. OK, we Read more […]

Rand Paul Reads the Tea Leaves on the Upcoming Elections

Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on Fox News with Sean Hannity the other night to discuss a few issues related to the upcoming midterm elections. He offers some fairly positive news about the state of the Republican Party and what we should expect as the November 4 elections bear down on us.   Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com   “… The wind’s at our back, and I think the president is very unpopular. Not only has he been somewhat of a feckless Read more […]

Phil Robertson Tells Hannity How We Should Handle ISIS

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson was on with Fox News with Sean Hannity promoting his new book “UnPHILtered.” But the conversation quickly got off topic and Hannity wondered what Phil would do if he were in charge. Which is when Robertson let loose with, “In this case you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying, either convert them or kill them. One or the other.” Um… I love Phil and Duck Dynasty… but doesn’t that Read more […]

“Moderate” Republicans Doing More Damage Than Democrats

Compromise is to be used when one possesses common ground with their opponent. If one does not have any such common ground, a place where beliefs overlap, there is no benefit to compromise. In fact, without common ground, compromise doesn’t even exist. Moreover, if finding common ground requires one to violate their beliefs, even in the slightest, what is the point? What is the cost, morally, strategically, and politically of compromising, when it forces us to bend what should otherwise be a straight Read more […]

Welfare Recipient Buys Lobster with Food Stamps & Refuses $80,000 a Year Job Offer

Welfare is a snare that traps people into being lazy and expecting every hard working American to support them.  Yes, I know that some people are physically unable to work or can’t find a job in today’s Obama economy, but there are millions of welfare recipients that are just flat out lazy and don’t want to work as long as we feed, clothe and house them at our expense. Case in point is Jason Greenslate.  He first appeared on Fox News purchasing lobster with his food stamps.  Recently, Read more […]

Ron Paul: Syria Intervention Would be “Reckless and Immoral”

It’s striking how much the media control people’s political opinions without people realizing it. Just a few years ago, only an “isolationist” would be opposed to U.S. military intervention in a foreign country for the sole purpose of “humanitarianism.” Way back in 2007, this is one of the very few interviews Sean Hannity did with Ron Paul. This particular exchange took place after one of the presidential debates: Hannity: Are you saying then that the world has no moral obligation, Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 23, 2013

We hope you’re having a great Tuesday wherever you are and that the news we dig up for you this morning helps you navigate the day more efficiently! It’s a busy world out there, and you don’t have a ton of free time to be doing Internet searches for the most important items of the day… lucky for you, we do. We drink gallons of coffee in an effort to stay awake long enough to scour the far reaches of the world wide web in an effort to bring you the most important, useful and useless information Read more […]

Democratic Rant on Fox News Displays Party Mentality or Lack Thereof

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.  Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, went on a verbal tirade that would even put Vice President Joe Biden to shame. For three minutes, Ellison displayed his Party loyalty and ignorance as he ranted against Hannity, referring to him as the worst excuse for a journalist he’d ever seen.  His blinded bias was evident when he kept repeating that everything President Barack Obama said was the truth and that Read more […]