County Clerk Tests The Limits of Religious Freedom by Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

“Regardless of what any man puts on a piece of paper, the law of nature is not going to change.” – County Clerk Kim Davis The government will never compel someone to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. That’s what we’ve been told by every single liberal since the battle for same-sex marriage began. Well, look how that’s turned out. We have Christian bakers run out of business, Christian florists antagonized, and a Mennonite couple whose wedding chapel has been forced out of business. Those Read more […]

Video: Black Conservative Woman Tackles Takei’s Racism

Liberals love to talk about slavery as long as it casts them in a positive light and conservatives in a negative, racist light. What they don’t care to admit is that they are actually very much in favor of it. They just want to make sure they’re the masters. When they see a black person or other minority start to think for themselves, the usual insults emanate. They’re mocked and ridiculed, accused of “acting white,” called “Uncle Toms,” and all the rest. They get outraged, because Read more […]

It’s Time to Radically Change the Supreme Court

“Why not upset the apple cart? If you don’t, the apples will rot anyway.” – Frank A. Clark A republic is sometimes like the human body; we work in proper shape for years, and suddenly a piece of the machine no longer functions as it should. When this happens, we generally don’t just get rid of that piece, as most of our pieces are quite vital; we take steps to fix what’s broken. A once functioning piece of our republic has become dilapidated; it has begun to rot. The Supreme Court–whether or Read more […]

How SCOTUScare Has Deformed the System & Begun the Decline of Our Republic

The Supreme Court was designed to be a neutral arbiter of the law. They are the scale that weighs the worth of an argument against the United States Constitution. Their lifetime tenure in the office was to ensure they were not victims of political whims and the winds of a fickle electorate. According to “The Court’s task is to interpret the meaning of a law, to decide whether a law is relevant to a particular set of facts, or to rule on how a law should be applied.” In essence, Read more […]

Same-Sex Marriage Attorney Dodges Easy Question From Justice Alito

The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments for and against same-sex marriage. The issue is a cultural pivot point, after which we will move in one of two very distinct directions. The beating heart of the argument against legalizing same-sex marriage is the following question: If same-sex marriage is acceptable, what else is acceptable? On Tuesday, Justice Samuel Alito questioned the attorney on the side of same-sex marriage, Mary L. Bonauto, in a way that forced her to defend her position: Alito: Read more […]

Voter ID Law Stands in Texas Says SCOTUS

Ever since the US Supreme Court overturned some of the federal voter laws, it opened the door to states passing voter ID laws. Of course this has not set well with the liberal Democrats who continue to file legal challenges against any voter ID law that requires a person to prove who they are in order to exercise that right and duty to vote. One of the states to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision is Texas, which has been under Republican control for a few years now. Their state law Read more […]

Massachusetts House Passes Abortion Buffer Zone Bill to Counter SCOTUS Ruling

Several weeks ago, many pro-lifers celebrated the Supreme Court decision that overturned Massachusetts’ abortion buffer zone laws. The state’s laws forbid pro-life protesters and counselors from talking to abortion patients on the sidewalks and parking lots outside the clinics. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the decision: “By its very terms, the Massachusetts Act regulates access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s].’ Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 266, §120E½(b) (Supp. 2007). Such Read more […]

The Hobby Lobby Case Makes the Supreme Court more Popular

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision pundits across the media spectrum were wringing their hands over what might be the fate of the Supreme Court’s respectability… Apparently, their concerns were misplaced. It seems that, in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision the American public actually has a greater respect for the Supreme Court of the United States than they did previously. So maybe the liberal media should stop trying to pretend they know what we should be feeling and start simply reporting Read more […]

SCOTUS Cracks Down on Straw Purchases of Guns

In a 5-4 decision on Monday, the Supreme Court made it clear that straw purchases of guns are absolutely illegal. Straw purchases, when the person buying a gun at a store purchases it for another party, has been linked to the illicit trafficking of guns. Obviously most criminals with a record can’t pass a background check, so they send in a straw purchaser who will pass the background check for them and get them the gun. In the particular case before the Supreme Court, a police officer was using Read more […]

SCOTUS: City-Council Prayers Barely OK (but You Still Can’t Read Bibles in School)

On Monday the Supreme Court handed down their decision on the matter of opening city-council meetings with Christian prayer. “A federal appeals court in New York [had] ruled that Greece [had] violated the Constitution by opening nearly every meeting over an 11-year span with prayers that stressed Christianity,” according to WTOP, and now the SCOTUS has weighed in. The majority of the justices has decided it was not unconstitutional for the city council of Greece, New York, to begin meetings Read more […]

What does SCOTUS Silence on Nuns’ Contraception Mandate Challenge Mean?

Last year the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged filed for a religious exemption from having to comply with the contraception mandate provision of Obamacare.  Little Sisters is run by a group of Catholic nuns based in Colorado and they have a number of nursing homes in their system. Their initial request was denied and they appealed the denial. The courts upheld their denial stating that the Obama administration had provided a new alternative for religious institutions like Little Sisters Read more […]

Liberals Hate Clarence Thomas, But Can’t Tell You Why

Margaret Thatcher said: “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” Argumentation is a creature that requires one to be critically attentive; by which I mean: when trying to make a point, one must always have the sharpest blade. If one goes to cut with a dull foil, it may sting, or break the skin, but it will leave no lasting impression. It is always easy to Read more […]