Claim: Government Shutdown Could Cripple ‘Science’ … Again

In a recent article by the humorously named Scientific American, Joshua Krisch delivered a dire warning on what could happen to “science” if Congress should “shut down” the government again. Apparently, the two weeks of civil government shutdown in 2013 had dire and lasting effects on the scientific community. Lab rats died (from euthanasia to prevent overcrowding), at least one international conference was skipped, scientists were locked out of their labs, and desperate medical volunteers Read more […]

Church/State Division Disappears For Religious “Environmentalists”

If you thought that people hated the involvement of religion in politics because of Christian teaching regarding abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, etc, it turns out you are wrong. There are a group of ready and willing religious leaders who want to convince you that God wants you to advocate for the government to fight “man-made climate change.” “But efforts by religious groups like Interfaith Power and Light to reanimate the climate change debate are complicated by more than the realities Read more […]

My Final Bashing of Global-Warming Alarmists Before Today’s Mayan Apocalypse

Today is the first day and the last day of our last winter on Earth, what with the Apocalypse coming any hour now, so I figured I’d get one last shot in at liberals and their environmental alarmism. A sure sign that a hoax is being perpetrated is if the advocate for the hoax tells you that although scenarios A and B are opposites, if A happens, C is true, while if B happens, C is still true. To wit, a very warm winter proves global warming, while its opposite, a very cold winter, also proves Read more […]