Obama: NRA Behind School Shootings

We’re not supposed to paint Muslims with a broad brush based on the actions of the violent minority. They’ll riot in the streets and hold up signs that read, “Behead those who insult Islam!” if some cartoonist “blasphemes” by depicting Muhammad in one of his illustrations. But we’re not supposed to say anything. We’re supposed to be tolerant of all religions and not pay attention to the few exceptions. We’re not supposed to paint blacks with the same kind of broad brush just Read more […]

The Boston Bombing & Political Agendas

John F. Kennedy said: “The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.” We live in a strange world; and an even more peculiar time. We live in a world where within the span of a day, one can experience the greatest joy, and the most crushing sadness. Sometimes, the higher we feel, the harder the fall. Yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing is a prime example of the nature of our lives. At one Read more […]

Democrats Deflect As Obamacare Proves To Be A Monster

Henry Ward Beecher said: “The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself.” Human beings are masters of making excuses. Right from childhood, we learn that an excuse can get us out of trouble; it can save us from punishment. When that begins to fail, we develop more complex excuses; excuses designed to better manipulate. Those are the excuses that adults use to put a spin on their failures. The most expert excuse makers are in Washington. They spend their whole Read more […]

DOJ Defends Holder in Fast & Furious While Sending Scapegoats to Slaughter

If you were investigating an organized crime syndicate for violations of federal law and lying to Congress, would you trust or believe the report of an internal mob investigator?  Of course not!  He’s paid to protect his boss and the last thing he would want to do is betray his boss by pointing a finger at him and saying ‘he did it’. Then why should Congress believe the testimony from a DOJ internal watchdog staff?  Why should Congress believe the DOJ inspector general when he says that Read more […]