TSA Agent Faked Cancer for 5 Years, Raked in $60,000 Worth in Paid Time Off

Some 2,240 hours of paid time off were actually donated to Atlanta TSA agent Marc Bess by co-workers, because everyone believed that he was suffering from abdominal cancer. That works out to 280 sick days given to him by sympathetic fellow TSA agents. For five years, he brought doctored doctors’ notes informing his superiors of his cancer and need for specific treatments that would require that he take time off. As it turns out, Bess was never diagnosed with cancer, and there’s no evidence Read more […]

More Evidence NOAA ADJUSTED Climate Data to Show Warming

In their desperation to prove to everyone that the “science” is on their side, climate scientists have adjusted past temperature data down so that the more recent temperature readings form a warming trend. Of course, they have their excuses for adjusting the data. Sometimes it is necessary to change data when there are errors present. That much is understandable. But how convenient that their “errors” were all the same and required that everything be changed so as to reflect the proper Read more […]

EPA Global Warming Expert Lived High Life After Convincing Co-Workers He Worked For The CIA

I think he was just delusional. After all, he was a global warming “expert” with the EPA. He actually believed that the world was going to end because cows passed too much gas. That’s sounds pretty delusional if you ask me. Of course, he’s a graduate of NYU, and he received his masters from Princeton, so what do you expect? His name is John C. Beale, and he convinced his co-workers and boss at the EPA (and perhaps himself) that he worked undercover for the CIA. No one questioned him. I Read more […]

Lesbian Faked Discrimination, Fooled Thousands Of Dollars From Sympathizers

Earlier this month, Dayna Morales became a very famous lesbian. She alleged that the couple she was serving at the restaurant she works at didn’t tip her and that it was because of her homosexuality. She posted a photo to her Facebook profile of the restaurant’s copy of the receipt. The subtotal of the meal was $93.55; the space where the tip is usually written had a line drawn through it; and the left margin had a message, allegedly written by the customers: “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because Read more […]

The Obama And Harry Reid Tax Scam

Picture, if you will, the scenario I am about to lay out. Let’s say that there is a single man, who lives on his own; he has a decent job, that keeps him afloat. On the outside, everything seems alright, but something is scratching its way out from the inside. This man is a drug addict. Every day, after his clocks out of his minimum-wage job, he runs straight to his drug dealer, spending almost all of his earnings. One day, he runs out of money; but he absolutely needs his fix. This man calls his Read more […]

Yale Prof Exposes Greenspan-Bernanke, Bush-Obama “Housing Policy” Scam

Sometimes the best refutation is not to bother debunking the lie but simply tell the truth. I’m pretty shocked to find the truth, in this case, coming from a professor at Yale University. But Business Insider called it right: “Robert Shiller Destroys The Idea Of Investing In A Home.” “Robert Shiller, the Yale economist who nailed the housing bubble before it burst, was on Bloomberg Television with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the U.S. housing market. As Read more […]

Church/State Division Disappears For Religious “Environmentalists”

If you thought that people hated the involvement of religion in politics because of Christian teaching regarding abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, etc, it turns out you are wrong. There are a group of ready and willing religious leaders who want to convince you that God wants you to advocate for the government to fight “man-made climate change.” “But efforts by religious groups like Interfaith Power and Light to reanimate the climate change debate are complicated by more than the realities Read more […]