Women Face Terrorism Charges in Saudi Arabia … for Driving

I’m not sure exactly how Saudi Arabia defines terrorism, but apparently two women have been charged with it. For driving. Driving through a security checkpoint? Driving a bomb into a hospital? Nope. Just driving. Because it’s illegal in Saudi Arabia for women to drive. Why it’s illegal in the Muslim country is unclear. But it’s just another sign of the extraordinarily backwards state of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic countries, for that matter: Lujain al-Hathlool, 25, Read more […]

Gov: “Saudi Arabia Has an Extensive Border with Syria”

When you hear about a non-existent border with Syria, remember when Sarah Palin said that she could see Russia from her house? Liberals are still cracking up about it, don’t-cha-know. What’s really funny is that they thought Obama was more qualified than McCain or Palin. Palin may not have had any real foreign diplomatic experience, but good grief. Like Obama did? He was a state senator in Illinois for a few minutes before becoming a U.S. Senator for another two minutes, and that was supposed Read more […]

Did the U.S. Help Coordinate Gas Attacks in Syria as a Pretext for War?

There’s a reason we haven’t seen any evidence that Syrian leader Bashar al Assad was behind alleged chemical weapons attacks on his own people. I think the main reason might be that he wasn’t the one behind the attack, and so there won’t be any evidence, except whatever they’re trying to fabricate now to make it look like Assad deployed the chemical weapons himself. And the “evidence” will be brought to us by the same people who blamed Benghazi on a stupid YouTube video. So, we can Read more […]

President Obama Supports Al Qaeda War On Women

American women and the LGBT community overwhelmingly supported the re-election of a President they ordained as the messiah of twenty-first century equality, tolerance, and morality. I wonder if these Obama loyalists take issue with the President’s decision to support Islamist rebels in Syria who are performing at will public executions of Syrians fighting to preserve Assad’s government tolerance of women’s rights and freedoms. Women’s rights in Syria will evaporate if Al Qaeda backed Al Read more […]

Obama’s America No Longer Fights Terrorists; We Just Join Them

Syria, a Shiite Muslim state sponsor of global terror, is engaged in a manufactured civil war. Ironically, Syria’s enemy in this civil war is another Muslim sect widely known for sponsoring terrorism, Sunni Islam. Given Obama’s recent decision to involve the United States—in unspecified ways—in this very Muslim problem, I have to wonder: Why does America care? Lost in the conversation taking place over US military involvement in this Syrian crisis, is the cause of the current conflict: Read more […]

Our Foreign Policy is Hurting America

Over the last thirty years our foreign policy has done us more harm than good and history has a few things to teach us on that score. Our history teaches us that the prevailing political climate on various issues moves in phases. There are a multitude of examples that we could cite, but I want to focus on one in particular: Foreign policy. For over one hundred years the United States of America could have been classified as an isolationist power. For more than a century we lived by President Read more […]

Where Is Islamic And Media Condemnation For Saudi Arabia And Qatar?

According to the leading experts on “True Islam,” all Muslims should condemn attacks and the killing of American innocents. I suppose that explains the flood of newspaper and internet articles quoting American Imams. Once again, Islamic leaders are busy renouncing another terror attack and offering to help America rid itself of the threat of “radicalized fanatics” who misunderstand accurate interpretations of their Islamic Holy book. US based Imams like Suhaib Webb from the Islamic Society Read more […]

World Rejoices—Saudi Women Allowed to Ride Bikes!

John Stuart Mill said: “The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good, in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it.” There are very few nations that take serious strides to give their citizens the freedom and autonomy they deserve. It is a rare thing to find a country that allows equal freedoms for all under the law. We are only free when we pursue the freedoms we enjoy for all in our world. That is why I Read more […]

CIA Flirts With WWIII While Obama Pretends To Not Arm Syrian Terrorists

Every other day, it seems, we get more information sent to us through the mainstream news that our government, or groups therein, are supporting terrorists in Syria. The latest New York Times piece makes it clear that the Obama Administration’s refusal to directly arm the so-called “rebels” is just window dressing. “As it evolved, the airlift correlated with shifts in the war within Syria, as rebels drove Syria’s army from territory by the middle of last year. And even as the Obama administration Read more […]

DHS Gives Special Security Clearance To Saudi Arabia But Not To Germany Or France

The relationship between the high-ranking people in the government in the United States and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia and some other despotic Sunni governments is a story that Americans are never able to completely comprehend. The story is simply never told. We know that there is a relationship between the House of Saud and the House of Bush. We know that the Clintons also have a relationship of some kind. Recently, information surfaced that indicated that Obama may have been sponsored in Read more […]

Obama May Have Nominated A Muslim To Head The CIA

The United States funds and staffs one of the most intimidating foreign and domestic intelligence gathering machines in the world. The big three of information gathering the NSA, CIA, and FBI employ tens of thousands of people whose primary mission is to protect America from our foreign and domestic enemies. The National Security Agencies (NSA) operational costs are classified, however between the CIA and the FBI our country spends 60 billion dollars annually to spy on and investigate anyone U.S Read more […]

Obama Pimps the U.S. Economy for Arab Terrorists

America fails to heed the lessons learned from doing business with our enemies. Like a common pimp controlling a prostitute Saudi Arabia’s Oil has our nation in a twist and our government refuses to break free of Arab influence. The Sheiks are now turning away from America and are creating new alliances less concerned with acts of terror directed at U.S. interests. Decades of dubious U.S./Saudi relations began to unravel on September 11, 2001 spurring U.S. investigations into Arab financial Read more […]