Saturday Night Live – Hillary Clinton Bothers People to Vote for Her while Bill Hits on Women!

This past week Saturday Night Live dinged the Clinton family in a funny little sketch about Hillary’s campaign. The very funny Kate McKinnon, whose take on Hillary Clinton is spot on, bothers beach goers in an attempt to get their votes, while Bill Clinton takes the time to hit on sunbathing women!   Read more […]

Saturday Night Live Roasts Obama for his Ebola Mess!

Saturday Night Live hasn’t spent much time mocking President Obama over the last six years – maybe it’s time to make up for that? In this past weekend’s episode SNL began with a mock Obama press conference announcing new Ebola czar Ron Klain. The entire segment is pure gold – but the first minute is what you’ve been waiting to hear from SNL.

Ted Cruz Says Democrat Amendment would Outlaw Saturday Night Live

Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday to argue against a Democrat Amendment that would curtail our First Amendment right to Free Speech. It wasn’t that he was arguing against the Amendment that was surprising, it was the way he argued against it… by claiming that it would criminalize Saturday Night Live!