The Real Reason Liberals Want Gun Control

Ends are always preceded by means, though it can be difficult to understand the origin of something just by seeing its results. The paths taken to achieve political goals are often obscured by lies, and murky motives. What motivates a political ideology? What causes someone to do one thing, and not another? Behind every action, there is a motivating factor, and an internal reasoning. If you wish to know the “why,” you must seek out context, clues which point you in the right direction. Liberal Read more […]

Porn Professor Steals and Destroys Demonstrators’ Pro-Life Poster Because it was “Upsetting to Her”

There’s a “feminist studies” professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara named Mireille Miller-Young who specializes in “queer theory,” black film, and pornography. People like her are usually the ones claiming to be champions of the 1st Amendment. Until they come across something they don’t like or agree with. If it’s a “gay” pride parade where people have painted-on clothes, no problem. But if it’s a couple girls holding signs of aborted babies, all of a sudden, Read more […]