PB&J Is Racist? How About SUGGESTING It’s Racist Is Racist?

Since everything is racist, why should conservatives mind being called racist? Seriously, what’s so bad about being called a racist for innocuous things that normal people don’t consider racist? Conservatives accused of being racist should just say, “Oh? That’s nice,” and then continue debating whatever point it was they were debating before they were accused. Race-baiters want a reaction. Why give it to them? Shock the left by letting their label slide right off you. Besides, if conservatives Read more […]

Ladies, Don’t Make Sandwiches For Your Boyfriend; That Would be Sexist

So, if your boyfriend or husband asks you to make him one of your specialty sandwiches, yell at him, saying, “This isn’t the 1950s! Get it yourself, jerk!” These days, women have been liberated from all those destructive social norms of America’s embarrassing past, which did nothing but enslave women to dominating males. Nowadays, we know better. The chains of the past have been severed. But there’s a new social norm that women need to abide by. A new set of chains, if you will. But Read more […]