Poll: Most Americans Think the Terrorists are Winning

If terrorism is about invoking terror in the hearts of those whom it targets, I’d say the terrorists are winning by a large margin. Part of their purpose is to kill. But more than that, they want to make their intended targets live in fear. They murder people in the most horrific ways so that an entire country such our own cowers in fear before them. A recent poll found that more Americans think that the terrorists are winning the “war on terror” than those who think we’re winning, and Read more […]

Samuel L. Jackson on San Bernardino: “I Really Wanted That to Just be Another, you Know, Crazy White Dude, and not Really Some Muslims”

I think that what he was saying was that if it were a “crazy white dude,” he wouldn’t be as fearful, since we’ve seen that many times already. When he learned that it was a radical Muslim couple, his reaction was, “Oh, s***. It’s here. And it’s here in another kind of way.” In context, he was saying that he didn’t want it to be an act of terrorism, because in his mind, that would be so much worse. That’s why he was hoping it was a crazy white person. The Blaze reported: In a Read more […]

Stop Whining About Non-Existent Civil Liberties, and Check Migrants’ Social Media–Public and Private

“That’s not who we are.” – President Obama when his mouth is open Sometimes, I feel like Obama is a robot experiencing a software glitch; he’ll get stuck on a subject or a phrase and it just doesn’t stop. I suppose it’s endemic to all politicians, but if I hear the president say “That’s not who we are” just one more time, I may have to drive a pair of screwdrivers into my own ears. The most recent variation of this phrase came when he was speaking of vetting incoming migrants. According to ABC Read more […]

Obama’s Anti-Terror Strategy is to Keep Losing Like We Have Been

Obama’s commitment to continue the current American anti-terror strategy has managed to upset both sides of the argument. At this point, Obama doesn’t have much to lose. He has a dwindling number of final days in the Oval Office, and he has made it clear that he intends to pursue his own brand of policy initiatives to the bitter end. In case you missed Obama’s speech on December 6 (and believe me, you didn’t miss much new information), Obama doubled down on the current American anti-terror Read more […]

Josh Earnest: Record Gun Sales Are a “Tragic Irony”

When asked what he thought about the gun sales surges that are happening across the country, White House spokesman Josh Earnest opined that that was a “tragic irony.” He thinks it’s tragic, because of the recent mass shootings that we’ve witnessed. He doesn’t get why people would want to rush to buy guns immediately following such terrible incidents. CNS News reported: “How are legal gun sales, complete with background checks, tragic?” a reporter asked Earnest later: “I guess the Read more […]

Guess What’s Happening to These Stores’ Guns Sales Following San Bernardino Shooting

Turner’s Outdoorsman is a gun store/range just a couple miles away from where the San Bernardino shooting happened recently that left 14 dead and 21 injured. They’ve seen a surge in gun sales immediately following the tragic incident. Politicians and media used the event to push for more gun control. But people haven’t completely swallowed all the propaganda. They’re fearful, but they’re not looking to the government for protection. They know when seconds count, the police are minutes Read more […]

San Bernardino Shooters Weren’t on Any Terrorist Watch List

Democrats have used the San Bernardino shooting at the Inland Regional Center as a way to push more gun control, namely barring those on the no-fly list and terrorist watch list from ever being able to purchase guns or ammo. Conservatives and organizations like the NRA were quick to point out that anyone can end up on those lists. Law-abiding citizens can end up there without any due process, and their 2nd Amendment rights can be stripped of them. Liberals responded with something like, “Conservatives Read more […]

How Political Correctness Killed 14 People in San Bernardino

“Political correctness has become a straightjacket.” – Gary Oldman Political correctness has finally crossed the red line. It used to be a thing we made fun of, something we detested because it constrained us. Now, with the San Bernardino terror attack, political correctness has moved from being a simple metaphysical horror into something that directly contributed to the deaths of more than a dozen Americans. Ever since 9/11, America has been subjected to endless rants about “Islamophobia.” Read more […]

In Rush to Protect Islam, Media Accidentally Honors ISIS–Immediately Takes Back

In the midst of the fog of war, as we discover more and more about the San Bernardino terror attack, some are still worried about defending Islam. After the first photo of terrorist Tashfeen Malik was released to the press, Hashem Said, content producer for Al Jazeera America, tweeted that it was disrespectful to show her face: Hashem Said has since deleted the tweets (thank goodness for screenshots), and apologized. While I’ll give him credit for apologizing–which is something most Read more […]

Barbara Boxer: California is Living Proof that Gun Control Works

In case you’re wondering if it’s the same California that contains San Bernardino that saw a mass shooting that killed 14 people and injured nearly as many, you’d be correct. These politicians really need to think before they speak. The Blaze reported: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) stunned many Thursday when she expressed support for gun control legislation by pointing to the supposed success of such laws in California. “Sensible gun laws work,” Boxer told reporters. “We’ve proven Read more […]

There Are No Half Measures That Can Fix Gun Violence

The main problem with all of the proposed fixes for gun violence in the US is that only extreme measures will make any difference, and extreme measures aren’t going to fly in centrist central DC. Let’s look at the polar extreme fixes that might work: 1) Absolute totalitarianism Now hold on before you get all bent out of shape. Nazi Germany did a very good job of creating a basically stable low-crime society largely free of unplanned gun violence. Sure, everyone and everything was documented, Read more […]