The Lies We Are Fed By “Science” TV

How twisted does our history become when there is no one to prove what happened? When a certain class, a certain group is designated as the history writers, how much are you willing to trust what you are told is true? We take it all for granted most of the time. We read some historical fact—or some fact that we are told is historical. I guess not even a fact, a piece of information—and it is stored away immediately in the recesses of our information banks, without concern for its legitimacy, Read more […]

Priests Molesting Boys is a Homosexual Problem, Not a Catholic One

Ask a leftist what the biggest problem facing the Catholic church is and coming out at the top of his list, above Catholics’ anti-abortion and anti-same-sex-“marriage” stances, is the molestation of altar boys. Most moderates (soft leftists) would probably say the same thing, in fact. But think about that for a minute. The Left views a priest raping a boy as being actually related to Catholicism! This isn’t a Catholic problem at all, however; it’s a homosexual problem. Homosexuals enter Read more […]

The Marxist In The Vatican

Only this past week, when the Pope called capitalism “a new tyranny” and “an economy of exclusion and inequality” that “kills,” did Rush Limbaugh get around to calling out the Pope for his Marxist beliefs, and only then did most conservatives follow suit. I’m proud to say that I was among the first people on the right to express displeasure with Pope Francis. Day one, hour one, in fact. (Full disclosure: I’m a Protestant, but I’ve always had a respect for past popes.) I read only briefly about Read more […]

George Soros Backed Catholics Blast Rush Limbaugh

Milton Friedman said: “One man’s opportunism is another man’s statesmanship.” Opportunism is the language of politics. Well, allow me to make a clarification. Opportunism is the language of politics, but it shouldn’t be. In a perfect world, politicians would speak in honest terms, and deliver the goods when the time came—though in a perfect world, I suppose we wouldn’t need politicians. Opportunism is a dirty game. It isn’t truthful. Opportunism is a thin mask covering a disfigured face. It’s Read more […]

Appeasing Muslims by Gutting the First Amendment

Awhile back “progressive” Bill Maher released an anti-Christian and mocking “documentary” entitled “Religulous.” Did Maher ever fear for his life? Did anyone tell him he shouldn’t be “held accountable for producing such a film because of the possibility of violent blowback? Yesterday, we learned that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomats were killed when a violent Muslim mob raided the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and burned it down. They were enraged, we are told, by Read more […]