Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values

Forget Christianity. Forget traditional marriage. Forget the family structure. Forget what our nation was founded upon. That’s the message just expressed by Vice President Joe Biden to a group of about 100 people gathered at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential mansion. He told the crowd that protecting gay rights is the defining mark of any civilized nation that this should supersede any national cultures or social traditions. Biden’s words were:  “I don’t care what your culture Read more […]

EDITED/RETRACTED: Roman Catholic Church Loses Two Fetuses; Gets Case Dismissed

I owe the Roman Catholic Church leadership an Apology (1/28/2013) Over the weekend, I wrote an article that wrongly blamed the Roman Catholic Church leadership for something that was not in their control. In my article I was extremely critical of the Roman Catholic Church leadership for allowing a “not human” defense to be used to avoid a medical malpractice suit brought in Colorado against Catholic Health Initiatives, a hospital network that is not run by the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Read more […]