Rolling Stone to be Sued By Fraternity Over Debunked Gang Rape Article

Just like we live in a racist culture, we also live in a rape culture. Or so everyone loves telling me. The media loves race and rape stories. There’s no getting around that. But Rolling Stone may have allowed a good story to get in the way of the truth. And they might be paying the price for it: A fraternity at the University of Virginia announced Monday that it will “pursue all available legal action” against Rolling Stone, saying a Columbia Journalism School review shows the magazine acted Read more […]

Rolling Stone Thinks John Hancock Signed Constitution

Sometimes  a story comes along that encapsulates many of our society’s problems in one convenient package. The story behind Rolling Stone magazine’s latest cover is just that. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine from Seinfeld) looks back at the camera, covering her “tasteful” side boob with her arm, looking mildly surprised, like the reader caught her just waking up or some garbage. On her naked back is a “tattoo” of the Constitution (you know, so she’s not just naked for no reason). Why Read more […]

John McCain Calls Rolling Stone Magazine “Stupid” For Imitating Him

Rolling Stone put out a magazine with the face of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover—the chief surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. The magazine obviously pictured the terrorist suspect because they believed that Tsarnaev is news. This has offended some people. I’m not sure why, because I don’t think showing a criminal’s picture endorses his criminal actions. It may be used to condemn them. Perhaps there is more going on here than I have yet read about in the news. But now John Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 18, 2013

Happy Thursday Morning! With the week more than half over we are headed into that last stretch before the weekend, keep your heads up, work hard and stay informed. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the most important (to us) stories and the stuff we hope will keep you at the head of the pop culture and current events class. So here’s what we’re reading today – Thursday, July 18, 2013. The folks over at Rolling Stone have stepped into a hornet’s nest in their attempt to Read more […]