MSNBC Wonders if Democrats are Biggest Losers of 2014

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe the panel of guests were asked to consider who may have been the “biggest losers” of 2014. The Democrats were a prime candidate for that award. Are the Democrats the year’s biggest losers? The Morning Joe panel shares their picks on this year’s biggest losers which include: the Democrats and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.   Read more […]

Bread and Circus continues: Congress allows NFL to retain tax-exempt status

You probably didn’t know that the NFL is a tax-exempt organization. Well, it is. Which means that, in effect, it is sponsored by the federal government. It really makes no sense that the NFL should be tax-exempt. It is not a ministry or a charity or a small business needing a financial break. It is obviously a for-profit enterprise. In 2011, the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, made about 30 million clams. That’s insane. According to the Bleacher Report, the NFL’s non-profit status is Read more […]