No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Say That Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was Liberal

Once one no longer cares to take more than a cursory glance at a subject, or position with which they disagree, their credibility in all things becomes suspect. Studying politics can be, at times, extremely satisfying, and fascinating. At other times, it can make me want to punch concrete walls until my hands break. I’m prone to using incendiary rhetoric (to appropriate a liberal buzz-phrase) in my writing, and I’m not ashamed of that, because I have taken the time to study, and understand–to Read more […]

Robin Williams and the Tears of a Clown

I remember the first time I was exposed to Robin Williams. I was nine, and I was seeing Aladdin in the theater with my parents and five sisters. Robin Williams voiced the Genie, and he was brilliant. In fact, the movie was apparently turned down for Best Adapted Screenplay because Robin Williams had improvised the majority of his lines. That in itself is a testament to his fertile comic mind and quick wit. But this funny man, like so many other comedians, was a sad clown. In Patch Adams, his character Read more […]