Cops Pull Guns on Man for not Doing Anything Wrong

Would-be inmate and suspected coke dealer Carl Crosby had apparently escaped while he was being booked into the New Orleans jail. He was able to flee out the back door while handcuffed. So, police had set up a checkpoint in order to find Crosby. That’s when local musician Shamarr Allen drove up, and seeing the roadblock, decided to back up and go a different way. He had just dropped off a fellow band member at home after one of their gigs, and he himself was on his way home in the early morning. According Read more […]

Federal Contractors Stop Random Drivers And Ask For Samples Of Their Blood And Saliva

The contractors and off-duty cops conducting these random stops must have been “pro-choice,” because they gave drivers options. The drivers could give officials a sample of their saliva and receive $10; a sample of their blood and receive $50; or at the very least receive a free breath test. I’m wondering if they also offered complimentary colonoscopies or free stool sample analyses. I can think of many people who’d take them up on the latter. It was on a busy Fort Worth, Texas road that Read more […]