Carly Fiorina and the RNC Release Dueling Ads Demolishing the Hillary Clinton Campaign!

Carly Fiorina and the Republican National Committee released dueling ads on Thursday that take a few good swings at the presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Here is the RNC’s excoriating ad which paints a bleak picture of Hillary Clintons moral fiber and of her willingness to dirty her hands in some contemptible practices.     And here is Firoina’s brilliant ad hitting the same themes that Fiorina has been focusing on for months now – Hillary Clinton’s Read more […]

Democrats Party of the Rich, Not Republicans

For decades, we’ve all been told that the Republican Party is the party of the rich and that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class and poor. Even today we hear Democrats claiming that Republicans are giving tax breaks to the rich so they can get richer while the Democrats continue to work for middle and lower class Americans. If you believe this then you have fallen victim to another liberal lie! Earlier this year, The Gateway Pundit took a look at top donors to both political Read more […]

GOP “Conserves” New Status Quo: Supports Homosexual, Pro-Abortion Congressional Candidates

Political platforms are basically meaningless. I think the only reason they have them is so that the few voters who worked and paid their way up through the delegate process, who made it to the national convention, feel good and important. They feel like they’re a part of the process, when in reality, these delegates mean absolutely nothing to the political party’s national committee. The national convention is typically one giant political orgy (pardon the language) where all the delegates Read more […]

The One Demographic Needed For GOP To Win Elections

A piece at The Guardian written by black conservative Crystal Wright accuses the Republican National Committee of making phony promises when, after the 2012 election, they said they would make a stronger effort to reach out to non-whites. “To keep up appearances,” writes Wright, “the RNC hired a handful of blacks this year and featured the black Republican house speaker from Oklahoma, TW [sic] Shannon, as a speaker in its Rising Stars Program at the RNC’s summer meeting in Boston. But when it’s Read more […]