Is Global Warming Science Falsifiable? If No, Then It’s Not Science …

Few things are more important for the scientific method than verifiability. Scientific models need to be verifiable in order to be scientific, which means that evidence to confirm a theory must be possible (you’d think this was obvious … it’s not). And usually evidence must be plentiful before a theory can reach a state of general acceptance. That’s what seems to be the case with climate change. It has supporting evidence in plenty (it really does), and it has therefore reached a state of Read more […]

Is Arctic Sea Ice Set to Disappear?

You hear it all around from global warming alarmists: Arctic Sea ice is melting at an “irreversible” rate due to global warming, and it won’t be able to recover. But it seems the reports of Arctic Sea ice disappearance have been greatly exaggerated: In fact, Arctic sea ice extent as a whole seems to be stabilizing despite this year’s record low maximum in February. NSIDC data shows Arctic sea ice extent is currently within the normal range based on the 1981 to 2010 average extent. “Global Read more […]