John Boehner to Resign Before Halloween … What Should We Expect Next?

Speaker of the House John Boehner has finally decided to resign after about four years as the Republican leader of the House of Representatives. His departure has elicited a mixed reaction. Many establishment (moderate) Republicans and Democrats have expressed sadness over the breach in the GOP, while more hardline conservatives have been unabashedly rejoicing. But one thing is for sure, the fact that Boehner is resigning indicates a major rift in the GOP. Establishment Republicans accuse Tea Read more […]

“Moderate” Republicans Doing More Damage Than Democrats

Compromise is to be used when one possesses common ground with their opponent. If one does not have any such common ground, a place where beliefs overlap, there is no benefit to compromise. In fact, without common ground, compromise doesn’t even exist. Moreover, if finding common ground requires one to violate their beliefs, even in the slightest, what is the point? What is the cost, morally, strategically, and politically of compromising, when it forces us to bend what should otherwise be a straight Read more […]

Liberals Want Us To Run Jeb Bush In 2016

The Republican Party never seems to learn. More specifically, it seems as though Republican voters never seem to learn. How many times can we get fleeced because the media tells us that a certain candidate is the right one? It has happened time and time again. This tradition goes back quite a ways, but the most egregious example of the Left hijacking our Party is from 2008. Who would have guessed in 2006 that by 2008, John McCain would have been our Republican nominee for president? I certainly Read more […]

Why Republican Cowards Despise Cruz

“Former Rep. Steven LaTourette is a member in the establishment’s war on the Tea Party. His deceptively named ‘Defending Main Street’ PAC is being financed primarily by Wall Street and labor unions, which have contributed at least 20% to the group’s fundraising haul. In an appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word on Tuesday, LaTourette said that Cruz was ‘reprehensible’ for forcing Republicans to go on the record to advance a bill to raise the debt ceiling without reducing spending.” – Tony Lee In Read more […]

Another “Republican” Amnesty Lover

“If we can have a way to get [enforcement] up and operating, I see no reason why we can’t also have an agreement that shows how people who are not lawfully here can be able to be lawfully here – able to live here, work here, travel to and from their home country, be able to own a business, pay their taxes.” – Rep. Bob Goodlatte I’ve lived long enough to watch a transformation of the Republican Party. I’m fairly young, yet over the last fifteen years, I’ve watched the latter part of a metamorphosis Read more […]

Jeb Bush vs Ted Cruz

“The better place would be that, with civility, have a dialogue about the bigger, more pressing issues and try to find common ground rather than use each instance of a – you know, a possible crisis to win a political point. We need to start solving problems…have a little bit of self-restraint. It might actually be a politically better approach to see the massive dysfunction. But we don’t even hear about that because we’ve stepped on that message. And I think Republicans need to just take a step Read more […]

The State Of The Republican Dunces

On yesterday’s show, Rush Limbaugh said: Of course the pressure is on ’em to, you know, be Democrat light.  I mean, the Democrats are saying, ‘You guys are never gonna win any elections unless you stop this War on Women.’  What’s that mean?  ‘You guys better come out for abortion pretty quick or you’re never gonna win, and you guys are never gonna win the White House.’ The Democrats really want to advise us on what we need to do to win the White House away from them?  The Democrats really want Read more […]