Tea Party Republicans are the Real RINOs?

Mainstream Republican Thad Cochran edged out a win against Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel in a Mississippi runoff election on Tuesday—by mobilizing thousands of Democratic voters. Wait, what? Yes, Cochran asked Democratic voters to vote in a Republican primary so they could keep the Tea Party out of power. After the loss, McDaniel commented on the dirty tactic: There is something a bit unusual about a Republican primary decided by liberal Democrats. I guess they can take some consolation that Read more […]

Peter King & Other Republican Cowards Couldn’t Care Less About Us

Benjamin Franklin said: “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.” According to Breitbart: “Rep. Peter King is charging that tea party-backed members of the House Republican Caucus are trying to ‘hijack the party.’ The New York Republican says he senses that increasing numbers of House Republicans—perhaps as many as a hundred—are growing weary of ‘the Ted Cruz wing of the party.'” In addition to the King quote, Breitbart is reporting that Politico is pulling no punches Read more […]

Politico.com Refuses To Admit There is No Political Spectrum Inside Washington

I don’t mean to be too harsh with Politico, because it is actually a worthy, if depressing, story. But it is a case where the lead should be re-written to fit the evidence: “He is the toast of the libertarian left and the libertarian right. But for most of the political establishment, across the ideological spectrum, it has taken only a few days to conclude that Edward Snowden is nothing less than a dangerous villain.” This is a dodge. Up until today “libertarian left” has referred to Read more […]

Chris Christie: RINO or Real Conservative?

Almost by definition, any elected statewide official in New Jersey has to be left of center, and Chris Christie is no different. He may be a Republican, but the Party has known since his initial run at the Governor’s mansion that he would never be a party line type of Republican. Like with Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Mike Castle, and all Republicans from blue states – we take what we can get. However, I think most of us had higher hopes for the Governor from the Garden State. He seemed conservative Read more […]

Four Reasons to Fire Lindsey Graham

As the newest possible scandal of the Obama administration begins breaking across the wire, Senator Lindsey Graham, a man who should be one of the President’s chief opponents, continues to cause problems for Republicans. The good people of South Carolina can generally be trusted to select representatives who will work hard to see that conservative values are championed in a circumspect manner. (There are of course missteps – see Mark Sanford.)  However, for some reason they continue to return Read more […]

Against Norquist’s Pledge and Chambliss’ Openness to Tax Hikes

I recently wrote that “As conservatives, we should not be ideological. We should assess situations separately, judging them on their own merit….” I was speaking of our tendency to act like liberals by making big deals out of small gaffes from the President. But what I said likewise applies to conservative’s fiscal views: they should not be ideological. Conservatism does not mean taking a hardline stance. Take taxes, for instance. Conservatism does not mean taxes should be taken off the negotiating Read more […]