Nominee for Attorney General Thinks Illegals Have Right to Work

Who has the “right” to work in the United States? According to Congress, those who are lawful citizens or lawful immigrants. According to Loretta Lynch, Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, illegals also have the right to work. Come again? Let’s unpack this whole right to work thing. What exactly is a right in the first place? According to the dictionary, the pertinent definition of right is “a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.” So Read more […]

VW Workers in Tennessee Say No to Union

Years ago, unions helped improve worker conditions, rights, benefits and wages.  For that we are all grateful.  However, nowadays, I see unions being more about liberal politics and driving costs so high that companies are forced to move out of the country in order to stay in business. I’ve known unions to go on strike for months, leaving their members to struggle financially.  I recall one strike years ago that lasted 9 months.  The union representatives walked out of negotiations and wouldn’t Read more […]

Liberals Taking Away the Freedom of Choice from Employees

There has been much hubbub, brouhaha, and yes, even some ballyhoo over Michigan’s recent passage of right-to-work (RTW) legislation, which prohibits unions from forcing the joining of a union as a requirement to work. In other words, the legislation takes a good step away from the fascism that liberals hold so dear. This is where the aforementioned hoopla comes into play. Union members, more commonly and accurately referred to as goons or thugs, protested on Tuesday the bill that was to be Read more […]

Don’t Expect Unions To Turn the Other Cheek

Before we begin to celebrate the States rights victory signed into law in Michigan two days ago, let us all take note that laws are always open to legal challenge and money buys both politicians and verdicts in America. To Democrats and their union benefactors “right to work” laws threaten organized labor’s patronage cartel, and as sure as the day you were born Obama’s Justice Department is going to cram a federal fist down Lansing’s throat and send a painful message to big labors opponents. It Read more […]

Union Thugs Incite Violence In Michigan

Over the years, as a Conservative, I have witnessed many contradictions from the Left. The Left has created a bubble in which they can believe certain things that outside the bubble, would be considered ludicrous. Things like spending more money to get out of debt, pouring cash into failing companies, giving loans to those who cannot make payment, providing “free” healthcare, raising taxes on the wealthy to pay down the debt, etc. Liberals live in this insulated world, occupied by the short-term. Read more […]