Video: Store Owner Unloads Rifle on 3 Armed Burglars

It was a good thing this Milwaukee, Wisconsin clothing store wasn’t a gun-free zone. If it had been, this storeowner would be a dead man. It was late one night, and the owner of Bouchard’s was at work alone. A vehicle backed into the store entrance, breaking open the gate. Three armed guys ran in, but they didn’t get very far. When the owner saw what was going on, he grabbed his rifle from the back and shot at them several times. That was enough to get them all to run for their lives. One Read more […]

Veteran Charged With Unlawful Gun Use After Defending Himself Against Intruder

Oliver Goldsmith said: “Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.” Not a day goes by that I am not dumbfounded by a story in the news. The lengths to which some people will go to defend gun usage is staggering. Even worse, when people use the excuse of “self-defense” as a means to unnecessarily pull the trigger of a firearm, I am appalled. Conservatives will tell you that we all have a “right” to bear arms; citing an outdated Second Amendment—which itself was not designed for Read more […]

Facebook Photo of Boy with Rifle Results in Raid on Home

I began shooting when I was 4 years old.  The .22 rifle was too heavy for me to hold, so my dad let the front stock rest in his open hand while I held the rest of the rifle, aimed and fired at targets.  By age 6, I was holding the rifle by myself and had become a pretty good shot.  I killed my first rabbit at age 6 and was so proud of myself.  At age 9 I was hunting birds with a shotgun, rabbits with a rifle and deer with a bow and arrow. When I was ten, I begged my dad for my own rifle, but Read more […]