Rick Perry is Running for President… Again

Well, it’s official folks – we now have yet another GOP candidate for President officially in the race. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) gave his formal announcement on Thursday standing next to a real American hero, “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell. Governor Perry was one of the favorites in the last nominating process back in 2012 before a series of blunders (especially this one) cost him his shot at the nomination. But he’s back. 2012 is in the rearview mirror and Perry Read more […]

Forrest Gump, the Smartest of ALL Liberals?

Evan Sayet is well known to many of you as one of the funniest men in the political activist community. He’s written a brilliant book, the Kindergarten of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks, and we hear that there may be an update (or even a second volume) in the works! He recently joined Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal at an event that continues the lead up to the 2016 Presidential elections. During his time on stage he used the beloved Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump as commentary on Read more […]

Surprise, Surprise – Liberal and Moderate Republicans Back Jeb Bush

Once again the RINO’s have come out to discuss what they saw at CPAC. I’m always a little perturbed by these guys coming and hanging out with us at CPAC, pretending to be our friends and then drifting back to New York, LA or other major media markets to badmouth us. David Brooks for example says that CPAC attendees aren’t really conservatives – they’re actually the hardest of the “hardcore.” He then went on to praise Jeb Bush among all of the candidates and obviously prefers the most establishment Read more […]

Rick Perry Talks Environmentalism at CPAC

A litany of topics is expected for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference: taxes, the economy, immigration, abortion, marriage and more. But environmentalism? No way. Yes way. Presidential contender and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry had a few words about saving the environment during his CPAC speech Friday. Candidates often balk at the questions on climate change and simply bash the EPA for killing jobs, but Perry did something different when the moderator posed the climate change Read more […]

Texas is Considering Legalizing Marijuana – but Sheriffs say ‘No Way’

Texas is big on freedom and big on economic prosperity but legalizing marijuana may be a step too far for some. While other nearby states are experimenting with loosening the reins on marijuana use, Texas’ sheriffs are not about to allow it without a fight.   A new marijuana decriminalization bill has just been introduced to the Texas legislature, but the Texas Sheriff’s Association has stated publicly that if they have any say, marijuana will not be coming to Texas any time soon, Read more […]

Rick Perry: ‘Running for President is Not an IQ Test’

For once, I would like to hear an interview with a potential presidential candidate and not cringe. I wish I were talking about leftists alone. I’m not. It seems like the Republican candidates for the last few years have been similarly idiotic. Sure, some of them have some good talking points, but more and more it is obvious that those talking points didn’t originate with them, and that there is little other than cobwebs and dust bunnies in their heads. The most recent instantiation of Read more […]

Republicans Not Acting Like “Free-Market” Conservatives!

Every now and again, I wish I could grab the GOP and shake the entire Party. The ongoing battle with Tesla Motors and their CEO Elon Musk is one such moment. Now, I am not here to defend all of Musk’s actions, he has benefitted as much as any other from corrupt CRAPITALIST practices (for an explanation see Jason Mattera’s new book Crapitalism). However, on the problems that Tesla Motors is having operating in Republican controlled states… there we can team with Musk and call on the GOP to allow Read more […]

Ivy League Students Mock Rick Perry About Anal Sex

Some students at Dartmouth College, an apparently prestigious Ivy League school, decided to harangue visiting Texas governor Rick Perry with juvenile jibes unfit for the stupidest playground altercation. These students were so upset by Rick Perry and his stance on homosexuality, that they planned to spend the entire question and answer time derailing actual political discourse with constant references to anal sex. Here are a few examples of their questions taken from a print-out (written by sophomoric Read more […]

Liberal Professor Blasts Attack on Rick Perry

Liberal Democrat and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is not happy with the recent indictment of Governor Rick Perry by Democrat lawyers in Texas. “The two statutes under which he was indicted are reminiscent of the old Soviet Union — you know, abuse of authority. The idea of indicting him because he threatened to veto spending unless a district attorney who was caught drinking and driving resigned, that’s not anything for a criminal indictment. That’s a political issue.” “Right Read more […]

Is Rick Perry Right About Homosexuals?

Rick Perry recently came under fire for some comments he made likening homosexuality to alcoholism: Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that. I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way. Even if homosexual behavior were linked to a genetic predisposition, according to Perry, it can and should be resisted. Read more […]

Media Sensationalism: “Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism!”

People familiar with my writing know that I am an equal-opportunity offender and defender. I will criticize Sarah Palin (fairly, in my opinion), but I’ll also defend her against unfair criticism. I’ll do the same for liberals. I’ll even defend idiots from attacks in spite of their idiocy. Rick Perry, for example. The Texas Governor is a stupid person (relax, it’s just my opinion), but he’s being falsely accused of something else because the leftists with San Francisco’s CBS affiliate are Read more […]