Conservative Journalist Infuriates Liberals by Stating the Facts of the Michael Brown Shooting

Only liberals could get angry at facts. Case in point, the Sunday appearance of Rich Lowry on NBC’s Meet the Press. Lowry is the editor of the National Review, a popular and well-respected conservative news and opinion paper. On Sunday he was the lone conservative on the Meet the Press panel, and he managed to draw a sea of gasps and guffaws from his fellow panel members (all well known liberals). What did he do to earn this response? He simply stated the facts (based on the evidence and Read more […]

Conservative Makes Liberals Mad with his Comments on Ferguson!

Rich Lowry did something surprising on national television and made all of his fellow guests very angry by simply stating a bit of truth. Watch as liberals heads explode… Chuck Todd: You know, Rich, what’s interesting when you look at whites, whites that live in urban communities believe that we still have a race problem in this country. Whites that live in more rural, basically whiter communities, they don’t see the race issue. Do you think that’s part of our divide? That maybe rural whites Read more […]