NFL Player Husain Abdullah Penalized for Muslim Tebowing

Muslim NFL player Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs (Gasp! That name is probably not PC) was penalized Monday night for unsportsmanlike conduct when he dropped to his knees and laid his head down in the posture of Muslim prayer—the Islamic version of Tebowing. Abdullah had just completed a pick six against Tom Brady, and he says he knew before he reached the end zone that he was going to show his gratitude for Allah by dropping to his knees. He may not have thought beforehand about the Read more […]

RGIII Forbidden by NFL to Wear Jesus Shirt in Press Conference

RGIII (aka Robert Griffin III), the quarterback for the Redskins, was wearing a “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before a press conference when an NFL rep said that was not allowed. So RGIII, to avoid a fine and a conflict, turned it inside out. When I first heard this story, I assumed some kind of Christian persecution was going on. But it turns out this is just standard NFL policy. RGIII has been fined before for wearing an Adidas shirt (since he has a Nike sponsorship, I’m presuming). Read more […]