Cop Dresses as Construction Worker and Tickets Texting Drivers at Red Light

Undercover cops in Marietta, Georgia dressed as construction workers and snooped on drivers at traffic lights to see if they were using cell phones. If they were, they got ticketed. Cops of course said this is all about safety and making sure people aren’t distracted while they’re driving. Others are saying this is about revenue collection. WSB-TV reported: Some drivers call it sneaky, but one metro police department says going undercover is an effective way to bust drivers texting, tweeting Read more […]

Cops Sets up “Crosswalk Sting” to Entrap Drivers and Rake in Some Cash…for Safety, of Course

It’s not clear whether the police department paid a civilian or just used an undercover cop to cross the street back and forth in hopes that the police hiding around the corner would catch those drivers who didn’t yield to the crossing pedestrian. They claim this is making the streets safer. If they’re going to be pulling people over for not yielding to crossing pedestrians, they don’t need to set up a sting operation. Unless of course this really isn’t about making anyone safer. Apparently, Read more […]