Are Students Entitled to Free Lunches Just Because?

When I was in public school, you had three choices for lunch.  Pay for lunch at the school cafeteria, bring your lunch from home or go hungry.  The school was not responsible for feeding a student who forgets their lunch or didn’t have money to buy one. It was called ‘responsibility.’  Students and their parents were supposed to be responsible for providing for themselves.  For most of my public school days, I got up early enough to fix my own lunch.  The days I felt lazy and too tired Read more […]

Are Obama’s Women Bankrupting The United States?

The recent release of Congressman Paul Ryan’s 2013 Republican budget proposal has apparently awakened Obama’s largest constituency, women. Once again, left wing “orthodoxaholics” are raging against the moderate Republican plan for fiscal responsibility as another version of the contrived “war on women.” Liberals are working overtime, convincing American white females that the 2012 election gave President Obama a mandate to continue to finance entitlement spending on programs benefitting Read more […]

Will The Journal News Accept Responsibility and Liability for Burglaries and Home Shootings?

  On Dec. 22, The Journal News, published in White Plains, New York posted an interactive map of everyone in Westchester and Rockland counties that have a gun permit.  Thousands of law abiding citizens had their names and addresses made public for every criminal in the area to know that they own a firearm. Many of those gun owners were irate and complained to The Journal News who replied to their complaints with the following: “[Our readers] are understandably interested to know Read more […]