Mother Drives Off During Traffic Stop; Cop Shoots At Her Minivan Full Of Kids

I’m not here to defend what this mother did. I don’t know why she did it. Perhaps she was scared. Maybe she just wasn’t thinking, or maybe she misunderstood the police officer who pulled her over for going 71 in a 55. What she did was drive off in the middle of a traffic stop. Apparently, she was an out-of-stater from Tennessee driving in New Mexico in a minivan with her five homeschooled kids on an educational trip. The kids ranged in age from 6 to 18. They were on their way to the Rio Read more […]

Cop Breaks Woman’s Face for No Reason

A 47-year-old Chicago mother of two admits to having drunk a little too much one night. That’s why she decided to stop driving and pull over to the side to sleep it off. But all a Skokie (a Chicago suburb) cop saw was bait. An arrest. Maybe he was working on surpassing his quota. So, Officer Michael Hart decided to arrest Cassandra Feuerstein for DUI even though she wasn’t even driving. She was doing the responsible thing by not driving. Nevertheless, Feuerstein was compliant. At the police Read more […]