Islam Second Largest Religion in 20 States

I have friends that live in the United Kingdom and they have told me how Muslims move into an area in groups. They buy up as many businesses as they can and then run other businesses out of town. They take over local politics, schools, and housing. Once they get enough of them in the area, they actively discriminate and harass non-Muslims into moving away. Christian churches that have been a house of God for centuries are being turned into mosques. Now they are getting Muslims in Parliament and are Read more […]

I’m a Liberal Democrat Because My Dad Worked In a Coal Mine!

This past weekend, I was shopping for a new sump pump and went to a couple local hardware stores.  At one of those stores, I got into a conversion with the salesman.  He told me that he only worked part time since retiring ten years earlier.  I told him I never wanted to retire as I am still tired and all I want is to get untired, not retired.  He chuckled and then asked what I do. When I told him that I write for politically conservative websites, he quickly told me that he was a liberal democrat.  Read more […]