Reddit Bans Global Warming Skeptics From Site

“Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.” – Jean-Paul Sartre No time in history has a fascism come to be that was not first for the good of the people. Every time someone silences opposition, it is not because they don’t like contrary opinions, but because those contrary opinions are dangerous. Those contrary opinions are a menace to our society, a lion that will prey on all of us. By silencing the contrarians, we become safer. It is for the good of all Read more […]

Reddit: We Banned Global Warming “Deniers”; Why Can’t Every Other Media Outlet Do the Same?

Reddit’s science “subreddit” banned anybody posting comments critical of the manmade global warming myth. This in and of itself is not a 1st Amendment violation. Reddit is a privately-run website, and they can moderate their comments any way they want. If people are upset by that, those people should start their own website where they moderate it in a way that they see fit. While police brutality videos and commentary critical of our imperialistic foreign policy are welcome and often popularized Read more […]

In Other News, There’s Really Not a Whole Lot Going On

I understand this is a strange article to be posting on a site dedicated to political news and commentary. But as I was struggling this morning to find anything of greatly novel significance going on in American politics, I realized that perhaps I should come clean about some aspects of my job with any readers I may have. News is a business. As such, it needs to be made every day, just like the donuts. If nothing terribly interesting or groundbreaking is happening, news sites will find something Read more […]