Number Living Paycheck to Paycheck Up 33% From 2012

Almost a third more people are living paycheck to paycheck  from only a few years ago. Anytime anyone brings up our economic malaise, liberals like to chime in to talk about how great the economy is under Obama. They talk about how rich they are, how great their portfolios are, how great the stock market is doing, how little they have to work, how they get to live off their parents’ sizable inheritance, and they wonder why everyone isn’t celebrating like they are. Their only conclusion is Read more […]

Democrats Avoiding “Recovery” Word between Now and Elections

If you’ve noticed a curious lack of Democrats’ talking about a great economic recovery in their televised speeches, news conferences, and public campaign appearances, it’s because they have very good strategists. Democratic strategists are advising politicians on their side to avoid the word “recovery” in all that they say and write because it will make them look like they’re out of touch and won’t “convince them that policymakers really understand or are even focusing on the problems [average Read more […]

Associated Press Admits Obamacare Is Killing The “Recovery”

This story at Yahoo! Finance reads like something from the alternative media. Meet Teresa Hartnett: “Hartnett was getting enough steady business that she was ready to take on 60 employees. ‘I was particularly excited about offering benefits,’ she says. That enthusiasm died when Hartnett met with her accountant to be sure she could afford the expansion. Hartnett was faced with the prospect that, once she had 50 workers, she’d be subject to the ACA. She considered expanding her company with Read more […]

The Food Stamp/Disability “Recovery”

The fact that economists have some way to use numbers to claim that the United States is now, “in a recovery,” just shows you how useless their numbers are to actually measure the state of the nation. What we have, in this “recovery” is a steady climb in the use of food stamps. The Weekly Standard reports: “In an article titled, ‘Use of Food Stamps Swells Even as Economy Improves,’ the Wall Street Journal reports that ‘The financial crisis is over and the recession ended in 2009. Read more […]