Senator Mike Lee is Fighting for You

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) recently spoke to Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie about a range of topics, including ending the Import/Export Bank, his Mormonism, and if primary-ing Republicans is a good idea. Take a few minutes and get to know Senator Lee better. This is the kind of Republican we should be supporting!     “We’ve had a 75 or 80 year run with some really aggressive progressive policies,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). “They haven’t worked. They have enhanced America’s Read more […]

Self-Proclaimed Christian: “I’m Pro-Choice because of the Bible”

Four years ago I was at an online forum for Christian apologetics and there I saw a post titled “Switched to Pro-Choice Based on the Bible.” The post is no longer up, but I did write about it at my personal site back then, so I still have the essence of what it was about. It was written by a self-proclaimed Christian who said that she used to be anti-abortion but has since joined the abortionists. Her “Biblical” reason for her new pro-abortion stance was basically that the Biblical verses that Read more […]