On the Realization that We’re Already Living in the Age of Unreason

I think it should be clear we have entered the Age of Unreason. Like entering into an enchanted forest complete with hallucinatory spores, you usually don’t know you’re irrevocably lost in the labyrinth of your own confusion until you’re hanging suspended in the web of some spider that’s chowing down on your liquified insides. Yes, it’s that bad. So why do I think we’re already safely lodged in the annals of history as the most mediocre and irrational age? There are many signs, but Read more […]

Duck Dynasty Star Slams Culture Of Murder

Albert Einstein said: “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same” With all of our economic problems, the United States has shifted focus. We used to be a country of social values. We used to prize our moral integrity. Over the last several decades, our vision of moral integrity became blurry, and now we are nearly blind to the moral injustices in our society. Namely, I am speaking of Read more […]

Game Shows as a Sad Indicator of the State of American Culture

I watched last night for the first time NBC’s new game show Take It All. I am not usually a fan of new game shows, but the fleshiness of host Howie Mandel’s head is hard to avert one’s eyes from, so I watched. The more I watched, the more engaged I found myself, speaking aloud my greater wisdom than the contestants in determining which items were the pricier ones. Basically, the game is a high-stakes version of the Christmas-party game White Elephant. An interesting concept, I thought. But Read more […]