Unemployment Down While Labor Participation Rate at Record Low

We’ve seen this so many times during Obama’s reign. The only numbers that get publicized by the media are the unemployment numbers, which magically go down, despite the labor participation rate also going down. What good are the unemployment numbers when they don’t factor in the dismal labor participation rate? The only thing they’re good for is stirring up the cheerleaders on the left. When the useless unemployment numbers are down, it’s because Obama’s “created” so many jobs. Read more […]

NYT Reports Economic Nightmare And Leaves Obama’s Name Out

Obamanomics is killing us. The New York Times is finally forced to deal with the data but doesn’t want to admit any connection. But try to imagine them reporting on, “Hiring in U.S. Tapers Off as Economy Fails to Gain Speed” during a Republican presidency without mentioning the Administration even once. Even when force to admit how bad the economy is, they still try to cover for the President. Many people still blame Bush for the economic meltdown of 2007. I don’t blame them. Bush worked Read more […]