MSNBC Hits Record Low Ratings

What this could mean is that liberals in the 25-to-54 age demographic don’t care to watch shows which only offer opinions those liberal viewers already believe. Maybe they prefer to be outraged by the show hosts on Fox News. That’s one reason Fox News is doing so well with ratings. They’ve got conservative viewers as well as liberal viewers who love to get angry at the TV. Or, it could mean that liberals in that age range just don’t particularly care about politics. There are of course Read more […]

MSNBC Suffers Lowest Quarter Ratings in 7 Years

Why do you think MSNBC suffers so? The liberal media get hit the hardest, because its target audience is comprised of people who don’t really know anything or care about politics. They’ll vote for the cool-looking black guy or whoever can dance better, but when it comes to policies, those things are boring and stupid. So, the target audience of a network like MSNBC don’t care enough about politics to watch. That’s bad for business, because if people (especially that key age demographic Read more […]

Liberal Media Loses Half Its Viewers

The liberal media has taken a dive in ratings and number of viewers in the past year. About half of CNN’s and MSNBC’s viewers have abandoned them. So, I guess that means they went from 12 to 6. I’m only joking. I’m sure they had well over a dozen viewers a year ago. And the truth is, everyone’s ratings went down. But CNN and MSNBC took the biggest hits. Here’s TV Newser: While all the news networks were down this month compared to last November, due to the 2012 election, CNN was Read more […]

MSNBC Ratings Tank Following Zimmerman Trial

Everyone knows that the Zimmerman trial was a circus act to help the media’s bottom line. (And to help politicians garner more voters.) They’re always searching for a story, preferably a tragedy on which they can capitalize and entice viewers. The Aurora theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School murders were perfect excuses for entertainment media to offer wall-to-wall coverage in order to get people to watch their TV shows that pass for “news.” Instead of objectively reporting facts Read more […]