Why Did Fox Bar Rand Paul From the Debate?

Jeb Bush was up on stage. And John what’s-his-name from Ohio. (Is he still running?) But Rand Paul didn’t “qualify” to be at the grown up table. He got demoted to the kids’ table. That was the first time that the Senator didn’t make it to the main stage. And he refused to participate in the second tier debate, because in his words, he’s got a “first tier campaign.” By participating in the undercard debate, he’d be accepting his second tier status that the media have assigned to Read more […]

Video: Rand Paul Schools The View on Automatic Rifles

The ladies of the The View had Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul on their show. They brought up the press conference the other day where President Obama cried about mass shooting victims. They asked Paul what he would have done had he been president. He said that he would have to go to Congress, because it’s dangerous for the president to have as much executive power as Obama does. Having that much power vested in the executive branch will lead to tyranny. But the ladies remarked Read more […]

Desperate Rand Paul Supporters Attack Cruz for Saying the Same Thing Paul Said About the Oregon Standoff

Usually, when a candidate rises, and the claws come out, those claws tend to be somewhat sharp. As Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to rise in the polls, the attacks coming from other Republican candidates have been shamefully weak. The claws have come out, but I think somebody forgot to sharpen them. Allow me to preface this by admitting my own bias toward Ted Cruz. I believe that Cruz is the candidate best suited to win the nomination, and defeat Hillary Clinton come November. Read more […]

Fiorina and Paul Join the Cruz-Bashing Bandwagon with Pathetic Attacks

The way we behave when we fall reveals our grace. The way we behave when we see another take our place at the top reveals our character. As the Iowa primary inches closer, and the pressure to deliver builds, the facade of each candidate is being peeled back. We’ve moved into the phase of the primary season when the attacks get sharper, and unfortunately, more dishonest. The “us against them” solidarity we saw at the beginning of the season has given way to a bitter fight for survival as money Read more […]

Senator Rand Paul “Appalled” by NSA Surveillance of Congress Members

No pun intended, I’m sure. Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul said that he was “appalled” by the NSA’s surveillance of not just U.S. members of congress, but also Jewish-American groups and Israeli leaders. Some Paul critics are “appalled” that Paul is appalled over this, saying that he must think members of Congress are “above the law” and should be exempt from widespread surveillance that the NSA implements on all other Americans. Rand Paul has always been opposed Read more […]

Rand Paul Launches Ad Campaigns Against Rubio and Cruz!

  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) continues to fight for the nomination, even as his poll numbers continue to falter. In an effort to reinforce his campaign hopes while also knocking down his rivals a peg or two, he has released dueling ads against Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. His ad against Cruz seems more than a bit disingenuous, especially now that other anti-amnesty Republicans have stood to defend Cruz. Alternatively, the attack on Rubio does hit close to home as his absence from Senate vote Read more […]

Rand Paul Hits Marco Rubio Hard on Amnesty and Borders

Rand Paul may have delivered one of the most stinging (and true) criticism’s of the latest GOP presidential debate, when he leveled Marco Rubio with an attack on Rubio’s border policies. Paul reminded millions of GOP voters about Rubio’s weakness on amnesty and illegal immigration. Paul underlined the link between Rubio, Chuck Schumer and the entire amnesty cabal in a way that may leave Rubio hurting in the days to come. “The other thing is, the one thing that might have stopped San Bernardino Read more […]

Rand Paul is Fighting to Defend the 2nd Amendment in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Rand Paul introduced legislation Thursday that would legalize concealed carry in the nation’s capital, and local politicians are furious about the plan. Paul’s “Defend Our Capital” bill, is meant “to restore Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia,” he said, but detractors claim the plan would trample on local government’s ability to enact laws. Paul’s bill will require D.C. to acknowledge concealed carry permits issued by other states and begin issuing concealed Read more […]

Rand Paul Explains why More Surveillance Won’t Stop Terrorism

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson to talk about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, the Syrian refugee crisis and the war on terror. The conversation came on the heels of Paul’s mocking statement last week about how the idea that we might need “more” surveillance was complete and utter “bull****.” Listen as Paul explains why surveillance isn’t the answer in the war on terror… Read more […]

Rand Paul Gets “Real” on Government Surveillance

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) got “real” with the media earlier this week when he shot down any suggestion that the latest terrorist attacks on Paris might be reason to expand the surveillance state. He left no doubt about how he felt about the notion. So when they stand up on television and say, the tragedy in Paris means you have to give up your liberty, we need more phone surveillance. Bull Shit. Are you allowed to use profanity? Are we in the free speech zone? They are collecting your Read more […]

Jeb Bush Endorses Marco Rubio… Sort of

The Marco Rubio campaign is once again proving to be superior to their Florida competitor, Jeb Bush. While Bush’s campaign has been using tired Democrat talking points and liberal nastiness to attack Rubio, Rubio continues to refuse to play the mud-slinging game. News leaked on Tuesday that the Bush campaign was preparing to attack Rubio’s record on abortion as “too conservative” and “extreme” in his stance AGAINST abortion. (I kid you not. As if Bush wasn’t in enough trouble already.) Read more […]

Check Out the GOP Candidates Tax Plans

Republican 2016 hopefuls have been unveiling tax plans promising deep cuts and drastic changes to current policies. Ahead of Tuesday night’s fourth GOP presidential debate, here’s a look at the top contenders’ economic proposals. Donald Trump The outspoken real-estate mogul’s tax plan calls for four tax brackets: 0 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent. Individuals making under $25,ooo and families making under $50,000 would pay no income tax. The billionaire would lower Read more […]