Why the Politicization of Racism will Kill Racism

Racism has become a political tool. Race-baiting is in fact the major method leftists use to get “the black vote,” but it is also one of the major means by which so-called conservatives motivate their mostly white base. It’s us versus them. But one rarely mentioned consequence of the politicization of racism is that it has inoculated the anti-political from racism. If you look at the statistics on racism, you’ll note that millennials are much less prone to racism than previous generations: . Read more […]

Why Racial Stereotypes Are Not Necessarily Racist

Recently, Kevin Costner talked about the difficulty he experienced finding funding for his new racially-charged movie Black and White. Apparently Hollywood didn’t like the fact that his movie seemed to reinforce some racial stereotypes: While the film is deeply moving, it’s also peppered with clichés—Eloise’s crack addicted and absentee black father, black crackheads hanging on a stoop in the inner city, and the wealthy white grandparents who swoop in to give the child a better life. This Read more […]

Anti-Racism Produces Racism, Just Like Leftists Intended

The point of anti-racism is not to reduce racism. Just like the point of Marxist redistribution is not really to decrease income inequality. I could be generous and assume that the results of leftist ideology just happen to be different than the purported desires of leftists. But I really don’t think that’s the case. I think leftists know that their education programs don’t educate. I think they know that their income distribution plans increase inequality. I think they know that their anti-racism Read more […]

Apparently It’s Okay to Be Racist If You’re Black

After Clarence Thomas sided with the majority opinion in the Supreme Court over affirmative action, many voices in the black community called him an “Uncle Tom.” Included in that number were Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson. CNN’s Dana Bash caught up with him for an interview concerning his remarks, which were considered racist, and his response was indicative of the double standard over racist remarks that prevails in this country: Bash: When you said Clarence Thomas was an “Uncle Read more […]

Was the NBA Right to Punish Donald Sterling So Severely?

First off, let’s get this out of the way. What Donald Sterling said was really lame. It was racist, for sure. And it was puzzling in its irrationality and plain ignorance. There is really no way to defend Sterling’s comments, and I have no desire to defend them. That said, Donald Sterling made his comments in a private conversation with his mistress/girlfriend. He was not speaking publicly as a representative of the NBA. He wasn’t even speaking as a representative of the LA Clippers. He Read more […]

Illegal Immigration a Boon for Racists

Racists need all the help they can get in substantiating their claims that race/genetics predispose people to their fate. They have this claim that your material trumps the immaterial. For instance, if you are black, they assume you are destined for crime, low education, and poverty. They make similarly broad-stroked generalizations about Hispanic people. But the only Hispanic people they have ever seen are usually immigrants. And the only black people they take into account are slaves to the civil Read more […]

Minority Students Upset by Police’s Racial Suspect Descriptions

Black student groups at the University of Minnesota want the campus police to stop using racial suspect descriptions in their campus crime alerts. A group (including  members from the African American and African Studies department, Black Faculty and Staff Association, Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, Black Men’s Forum, Black Student Union and Huntley House for African American Males) sent a joint letter in December to complain. On a panel to discuss the complaint further, Read more […]

White Students File Complaint Against Anti-White Professor; Professor Calls It Racist

Justice is a glorious thing, especially when it comes down hard on a social Marxist. Minneapolis Community and Technical College professor Shannon Gibney, a black woman, has received a formal reprimand from her supervisor for being racist against white students. (She blames her reprimand on racism, by the way.) Here’s what happened, according to Gibney: [One of the white students asked,] ‘Why do we have to talk about this in every class? Why do we have to talk about this?’ I was shocked….His Read more […]

Obama “Biography” In Elementary School Library: “White Voters Would Never Vote For A Black President”

It was in Obama’s home state of Illinois. School officials are trying to say that since it’s not an official textbook, it shouldn’t be all that big of a deal. Sure, it’s in the school library, and kids are free to read it, but it’s not required. Besides, it’s not like the biography contained false information. It told the truth about Obama and the fact that white people didn’t vote for him, because he has some black in him. It probably had something to do with white privilege. Here’s Read more […]

School on Islamic Workshop: “Attend or ‘Racist’ Will Be on Your Permanent Record”

From England’s Littleton Green Community School, what we in America would call an elementary school, comes a story of a principal’s blackmailing of parents in order to get them to permit Islamic indoctrination of their children. A letter written to the parents by the “Head Teacher” of the school reads: As part of the National Religious Education Curriculum together with the multicultural community in which we live, it is a statutory requirement for Primary School aged children to experience and Read more […]

PB&J Is Racist? How About SUGGESTING It’s Racist Is Racist?

Since everything is racist, why should conservatives mind being called racist? Seriously, what’s so bad about being called a racist for innocuous things that normal people don’t consider racist? Conservatives accused of being racist should just say, “Oh? That’s nice,” and then continue debating whatever point it was they were debating before they were accused. Race-baiters want a reaction. Why give it to them? Shock the left by letting their label slide right off you. Besides, if conservatives Read more […]

Norwegian Authors: We Deserve To Be Attacked By Immigrants

There is a new book out that was written by Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland, a couple who both work for Norway’s left-wing, taxpayer-funded (naturally) NRK, the government’s TV and radio broadcasting system. The book is about an ordeal the couple went through two years ago. One night their home was broken into by two Muslims, who tied up the couple and hit the wife over the head with a blunt object. The Muslims explained to the two Norwegians that they were doing this because their request Read more […]