So, Steve Scalise DIDN’T Attend a Racist Conference After All?

Suddenly the racist conference was not so racist after all! At this point, it doesn’t even matter what the truth is. The damage has been done. A man’s reputation has been tainted to say the least. All it took was one blogger’s guilt by association claim, and the rest is history. It turns out, for those who care, that he didn’t attend the conference that everyone thought he attended. He attended a Jefferson Heights Civic Association meeting, which took place in the same hotel as and Read more […]

How Agreeing With Obama Can Still Make You A Racist

Just what is going on in this country? We have a President who made a staggering power grab by implementing a wildly unpopular form of government dominated healthcare, only to have it fail miserably upon its launch. Knowing very well that failure was assured, the administration took to celebrities and sports teams to help them promote Obamacare, and sell it to the masses. Now, after weeks of Republicans urging a delay—mostly due to the fact that socialized medicine is worthless, but also because Read more […]