The American Race Narrative Encourages Hate and Violence, and I’m Sick of It

A 21-year-old white gunman allegedly shot up a Bible study at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s being called a “hate crime,” as if cold-blooded murder could ever be anything other than a hate crime. But few people are talking about just where that hate is coming from and what is fueling it. I think there is one main culprit: the race narrative itself. Perhaps we can talk about this without being fools. I don’t have great hope that’s possible, but let’s Read more […]

Why White Democrats are Scarce in the South

Mary Landrieu just lost her Senate seat. Big time. She was the last of the white Democrats in the Deep South. And white Democrats are complaining that this is a racial issue. But that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Let’s just look at some demographics: Of all the people who reported as Black in Census 2000, 54 percent lived in the South, 19 percent lived in the Midwest, 18 percent lived in the Northeast and 10 percent lived in the West. So, more than half of the US’s black people, whom Read more […]

Race Relations Have Worsened Under Obama

Obama’s election was an apparent milestone in American race relations. Less than one hundred and fifty years after most black people in the U.S. had been enslaved, a “black man” became president. I know many black and white people voted for him largely because of the opportunity to contribute to something of great historic significance. I didn’t and wouldn’t have voted for Obama. It doesn’t matter much to me what his color is. His political views are diametrically opposed to mine in Read more […]