Congressional Black Caucus Chairman: We Lost Midterms Because of Southern, White Racism

The Chair(wo)man of the Congressional Black Caucus is playing the race card. Her name is Marcia Fudge. Yes, that is her real name. (Is it racist of me to think that it’s kind of funny that the head of the Black Caucus is named Fudge?) And why is there a Congressional Black Caucus anyway? Can you imagine the scandal that would be given wall-to-wall coverage if white Republicans got together and formed the Congressional White Caucus? This is why it’s funny to me that the head of this Congressional Read more […]

Liberals Cry RACISM to Shut Down Debate in Oregon

“Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.” – Frederick Nietzsche Have you ever been engaged in an argument with someone, when they suddenly lure you down a rabbit hole with a series of unrelated accusations? As comedian Bill Burr says, it is in that moment when you know you have won the debate. There are two possible reasons why someone would disengage from the topic at hand: one, they know that their position is not as strong as Read more […]

Dem: GOP Wants to Impeach Obama Because He’s a Black Man in the White House

They never quit, do they? They never grow tired of using the race card. Yeah, the GOP want to impeach Obama simply because he’s half white, half black. Just like the reason the GOP wanted to impeach Clinton, right? After all, he was America’s first true black president. But contrary to popular opinion, Clinton was not born a poor, black slave. He was and is as white as the Southern snow falling right now and as rich as Godiva chocolate. If you look at the impeachment charges against Clinton, Read more […]

Obama Blames Racism…Again

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president…” – Barack Obama, New Yorker Magazine How often can a single person race-bait? Well, if you’re Barack Obama, the answer is: quite often. Ever since Obama entered the Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton, everything has been defined by his race. Before my darling critics open their mouths, allow me to define my opinion. I’m delighted to live in a country, and in Read more […]

Obama: Racism Explains My Low Approval Rating

President Obama’s approval rating is lower than President W. Bush’s approval rating was at this same time in his presidency. Last year, 2013, was a rough year for him indeed, with revelations of scandal after scandal chipping away at what was once, in January of 2009, his 69 percent approval rating. Scandals aside—like the IRS intimidation of conservative activist groups; Obama’s 40-times-repeated promise that if you like your health-care plan, you can keep it, “period,” and then that promise Read more […]

How Agreeing With Obama Can Still Make You A Racist

Just what is going on in this country? We have a President who made a staggering power grab by implementing a wildly unpopular form of government dominated healthcare, only to have it fail miserably upon its launch. Knowing very well that failure was assured, the administration took to celebrities and sports teams to help them promote Obamacare, and sell it to the masses. Now, after weeks of Republicans urging a delay—mostly due to the fact that socialized medicine is worthless, but also because Read more […]

Obama’s Cloak Or Is It A Cult Of Ethnicity?

From the beginning of Obama’s historic Presidential campaign to the present day scandals that plague his second term, Barrack Hussein Obama has shamelessly used his mixed ethnicity for personal protection and political gain. Very few national political leaders have called the President’s supporters out for this tired and overused strategy employed when our black President gets in a legitimate legal jam. It’s time they start. These days America is more like a cult than a Republic. Today we Read more […]