Why the Economic Recovery is Fraudulent and Doomed

Much has been made of the recent “economic recovery,” especially by Democrats touting the effectiveness of Obama’s policies, both here and abroad. But one pundit doesn’t see it that way, and his voice is vastly under-represented in this discussion: He [William White, the economic analyst who correctly predicted the Great Recession] deplores the rush to QE as an “unthinking fashion”. Those who argue that the US and the UK are growing faster than Europe because they carried out QE early Read more […]

QE3 Won’t Work; How About QE4?

Fed chief Ben Bernanke recently announced the Fed’s policy to buy up an additional $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities every month at least until the end of this year. He said that the policy will continue until we have recovery. Some on Wall Street are already saying that QE3 will not be enough. They want more. Whenever the Fed prints money, money flows into Wall Street and pumps up the stocks and makes investors wealthy. No wonder they want more. They want the Fed to guarantee their Read more […]