Did the U.S. Help Coordinate Gas Attacks in Syria as a Pretext for War?

There’s a reason we haven’t seen any evidence that Syrian leader Bashar al Assad was behind alleged chemical weapons attacks on his own people. I think the main reason might be that he wasn’t the one behind the attack, and so there won’t be any evidence, except whatever they’re trying to fabricate now to make it look like Assad deployed the chemical weapons himself. And the “evidence” will be brought to us by the same people who blamed Benghazi on a stupid YouTube video. So, we can Read more […]

President Obama Supports Al Qaeda War On Women

American women and the LGBT community overwhelmingly supported the re-election of a President they ordained as the messiah of twenty-first century equality, tolerance, and morality. I wonder if these Obama loyalists take issue with the President’s decision to support Islamist rebels in Syria who are performing at will public executions of Syrians fighting to preserve Assad’s government tolerance of women’s rights and freedoms. Women’s rights in Syria will evaporate if Al Qaeda backed Al Read more […]

Where Is Islamic And Media Condemnation For Saudi Arabia And Qatar?

According to the leading experts on “True Islam,” all Muslims should condemn attacks and the killing of American innocents. I suppose that explains the flood of newspaper and internet articles quoting American Imams. Once again, Islamic leaders are busy renouncing another terror attack and offering to help America rid itself of the threat of “radicalized fanatics” who misunderstand accurate interpretations of their Islamic Holy book. US based Imams like Suhaib Webb from the Islamic Society Read more […]