Guess Why School Officials Made This Student Cover up his Star Wars Shirt

Star Wars:  The Force Awakens is premiering in the U.S. on the 18th. Naturally, there are a lot of fans who are excited about the film. Kids are coming to school wearing Star Wars t-shirts. Seventh grader Colton Southern was one of those students. He came to school wearing a shirt featuring a storm trooper. So, what could be wrong with that? Well, it was what the storm trooper was carrying that was the issue. He was pictured holding a rifle-like weapon. (Gasp!) When school officials spotted Read more […]

Atheists Get School Nativity Scene Performance Banned

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are celebrating a victory against a school that had a Christmas performance planned which included a live nativity scene and traditional Christmas songs. They sued the school, and the judge granted the ACLU and FFRF an injunction. The issue was brought to light by an offended high school student and one of his parents who went to the ACLU and FFRF for rescue. From The Blaze: A federal judge has banned a public high school from including a live nativity Read more […]

9th Grade School Assignment: Draw “Join ISIS” Posters

My reaction mirrored that of a 14-year-old student’s mother. Why? Why would a teacher assign this, and why would it be considered appropriate? I don’t understand. Consider all the things that are banned and not to be talked about in public schools, and compare those with the things that are for whatever reason considered appropriate. Teachers aren’t allowed to talk about God and the Bible, because that would constitute “promoting religion” in violation of the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Read more […]

No Joke: Kids Being Told to ‘Throw Books’ at School Shooters

“Stupidity is a talent for misconception.” – Edgar Allan Poe I’ve read a lot of stupid stuff in my day, but not much more stupid than the news coming out of Ohio that elementary school children are being told to throw books at possible gunmen in the event of a school shooting. No joke. Should a man enter your classroom with a semi-automatic rifle, or handguns, children are being told to toss a few Penguin Classics his way—or maybe those ones with the golden spines? Nah, those are too thin to Read more […]

Student Suspended for Wearing American Flag T-Shirt

Jaegur is not one to try to break the rules. He has hopes of joining the military, and is currently active in his Texas school’s ROTC program. He was wearing a gray hoodie at school one day, but when a school official instructed him to lift up the hoodie revealing his white t-shirt with the American flag on it, he was given in-school suspension. According to the official, the American flag shirt violated the school’s dress code. Even though Seagoville High School doesn’t have uniforms, Read more […]

Atheists Outraged Over Cross in Texas Teacher’s Classroom

Atheists claim to be outraged over every religion, but really the only religion they care about exterminating is Christianity. A teacher can teach Islam and have the students recite and write the five pillars of Islam, including saying, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” That’s just teaching students about various cultures around the world. Now, if the teacher had the students learn the Ten Commandments, that would be “proselytizing,” and Atheists would be angered Read more […]

Ohio Parents Outraged Over Trans “Female” Student Using the Girls’ Restroom

If you’re a guy, and you want to use the girls’ restroom for whatever reason, just claim that you “identify” as a girl, and then school officials have to let you use that restroom. Even if the school has a gender-neutral restroom, the trans student cannot be forced to use it. By federal law, the student can use whichever restroom is appropriate for whichever gender he identifies with. I don’t really understand the correlation between restrooms/locker rooms and one’s gender “identity.” Read more […]

Atheists Threaten Lawsuit against Elementary School for Praying at Graduation Ceremony

It started when an outraged parent of a second-grader went to the American Humanist Association (AHA) for assistance in suing the school for allowing a principal to pray at a graduation ceremony. It wasn’t just that the principal Lisa Patterson prayed, but apparently she ended her praying with “in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.” Oh, and also there was a sign on school grounds with “Jesus” written on it. According to the AHA, these are both instances of violations of the Constitution’s establishment Read more […]

Students Told to Write and Recite, “There is no God but Allah;” Atheists Silent

The only religion that Atheist organizations like the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association really care about is Christianity. To appear objective, Atheists might criticize religions like Islam, but they don’t harbor hatred toward them like they do with Christianity. If a public schoolteacher says anything about being a Christian, Atheists are quick to sue that teacher personally and in his professional capacity for violating the 1st Amendment’s “Establishment Read more […]

Elementary School Removes Gendered Restrooms to Accommodate “Trans” Students

We’re talking about little kids here. Five and six-year-olds. Apparently some of them at this San Francisco elementary school (of course it’s San Francisco), don’t “identify” with either gender. So as not to make them feel uncomfortable, the school chose to remove the gendered restrooms and replace them with gender-neutral restrooms. Yahoo! News reported: Out of 365 students, about six to eight kids at Miraloma Elementary don’t adhere to the traditional gender binary—and that makes Read more […]

“Bigoted” Girls Protest to Keep Trans “Girl” Out of Their Locker Room and Bathroom

Somehow he (“she”) knows that only bigoted people could possibly object to his using their daughters’ restroom. The guy is obviously a dude, but he’s trying to pass himself off as a girl. Other real girls don’t want him using the girls’ locker room and bathroom for obvious reasons. It would make them very uncomfortable knowing there was a male in their locker room. But this guy says he thinks these girls don’t actually feel uncomfortable. He says it’s “pure and simple bigotry.” The Read more […]

Students Told They Can’t Fly American Flags in School Parking Lot

I wonder if school officials would have cared all that much if students had flown the rainbow flag right after the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage should be permissible in every state in the nation. Everyone was flying the rainbow flag. The White House turned into a rainbow flag. But the American flag is racist and offensive. At least they’re consistent. We were told that the Confederate battle flag was racist and offensive, and some wondered if the American flag would be next on the list Read more […]