Mayor Defies Threats from Atheist Group over Nativity Scene

Coal Run, Kentucky Mayor Andrew Scott had received a letter from an Atheist group back in December in the days leading up to Christmas, notifying him that no nativity scenes were to be allowed on public property. Mayor Scott chucked the letter in the trash and now doesn’t even remember which Atheist group it was. It could have been the same group that harasses public officials and schools all the time regarding religion on public property. As they argue, the only religion that’s allowed displays Read more […]

Man Faced Felony Vandalism Charges For Pruning Bushes

Where would we be without bored city bureaucrats who spend their time trying to prosecute people for pruning shrubs? There is this guy who lives in Ocean Beach, California. His name is Juvencio Adame, but his friends call him Vince. There are some bushes next to his house that are often overgrown, and as a result, provide a place for homeless delinquents to hang out and litter. Vince doesn’t like this, because it’s right next to his house, so when these bushes become overgrown, he trims them. The Read more […]