The War Stories We Need to Hear vs. The War Stories We are Told

I have a few relatives and friends who fought for the US military overseas. A very few of that few have been willing to talk about their experiences as soldiers in other countries. But most of them have been reluctant or unwilling to tell war stories. My brother-in-law told me recently that he used to ask his now deceased grandfather to tell his war stories about being stationed in the Philippines during War World II. His grandfather always refused. That grandfather’s son fought in the Korean Read more […]

Black Teacher Says Racist Graffiti Caused Her PTSD & Inability to Work

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a teacher tell a student that sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you, I’d be a wealthy man. As kids, we were all teased and called names and made fun of by someone and yet most of us turned out okay. But one Massachusetts teacher is going against the age old teacherly advice and claims that names have hurt her so much that she is no longer able to teach and is demanding the school pays for her medical treatment and disability. Meet Read more […]

Researchers Developing a Vaccine for PTSD?

I don’t remember hearing a whole lot about PTSD until more recent conflicts. Now, it’s about all you hear when veterans are talked about in public forums. Every soldier that returns from active combat is pretty much assumed to have PTSD. It’s the explanation for rising suicide rates in the military and for the severe epidemic of low morale and depression that sweeps through every branch of the armed forces. No one thinks for a moment that maybe the fix for PTSD is a different foreign policy. Read more […]

Suicide Kills More Active Military Personnel Than Combat

With all of the news about Afghanistan and Iraq, you would expect the number one cause of deaths of American soldiers would be from combat, but that is not the case.  In fact, the number one cause of military deaths is worse than combat, it’s from suicide. According to a recent release, there were 313 Army personnel killed in combat (Operation Enduring Freedom) for the year of 2012.  During that same timeframe, the Army reported 325 suicides.  That’s up from the previous year which reported Read more […]