Anti-Gun PSA Encourages Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns, Bring Them to School

A San Francisco-based production company put out an anti-gun PSA that encourages kids to steal their parents’ guns and bring them to school. The ad features a young teen at home, going into his parents’ bedroom and grabbing their gun that’s kept in their chest of drawers. The boy puts the gun into his backpack and takes it to school. After class is over, he takes the gun out and slams it on the teacher’s desk and asks her to take it from him, because he “doesn’t feel safe with a gun Read more […]

Liberal PSA Propaganda: You’ll Die Violently Without Education

Liberals want mass immigration by Third Worlders into the United States for the exact same reason they push for more public education: more Democratic voters. Marxists infiltrated academia in the 1960s and they never left. Since then, they’ve only gotten more liberal. Mainstream Democratic politicians know this, and that is the reason behind their insistence on there being more public education and on more kids going to college. Democrats have even suggested allowing the children of illegal Read more […]