This Robber Wished Red Lobster were a Gun-Free Zone

Thankfully, Red Lobster hasn’t fallen for Bloomberg’s campaign to make all businesses and establishments gun-free zones. Apparently, the restaurant simply follows respective state laws regarding open and concealed carry. It’s a good thing, because this Las Vegas Red Lobster got robbed. A gun-carrying customer stopped the robbery by firing his gun into the air as the thief tried running off with the cash. The Daily Caller reported: Shortly before 10 p.m. on Thursday, a robber entered Read more […]

England Considering Ban On Kitchen Knives

The slippery slope is usually considered to be a fallacious type of argumentation. By invoking the slippery slope, you are essentially saying that if one thing occurs at the top of this metaphorical slope, you have no other option but to slide down further. That being said–though it is often categorized with other fallacious argumentation, like ad hominem–slippery slope actually is applicable to some things. For instance, consider the following story. According to The Inquisitor: “A West Read more […]