California Apartment Complex Prohibits Tenant From Displaying US Flag in Window

Steve Roberts never had any trouble displaying his large American flag in his front window under his apartment complex’s prior management. When management changed hands in April, they started giving him a hard time about his flag. They wouldn’t renew his lease unless he removed it. As with most apartment complexes and HOAs, there are rules about how you decorate your area. In my old townhouse, we had to have a certain color of blinds. I didn’t realize it mattered until we bought a cheap Read more […]

Property Rights Case Before Supreme Court Tomorrow

Imagine yourself as the owner of a number of acres of land.  You decide that you want to develop 4 acres for commercial purposes.  Being the law abiding citizen you are, you apply to the county for the proper permits to allow you to develop your land. Then to your surprise, the counties water management district tells you that in order to obtain the permit, you must donate 11 acres of land for conservation purposes plus you must pay $150,000 that will be used for improvements on the water district’s Read more […]