Widow’s House Sold By State … for Unpaid $6.30 Fine

Eileen Battisti owned a house in Beaver, PA. Her husband, who took care of their taxes, died in 2004. Since then, Eileen has been trying to keep up with her finances alone. It has been very difficult, and she has no one to help her apparently. So she fell behind on her property taxes, to the tune of $235. After a few notices, she finally scraped together the funds and paid it off. Well, almost. She says she didn’t know about $6.30 in interest. The state sent a few other notices allegedly, but Read more […]

Banks Don’t Think Losing Your House Is Enough

When you take out a mortgage on a home, you are assuming risk. What if something happens so that you can’t pay back the home loan? You could then lose the house. All the money you “put in” the house will be gone. But you aren’t the only one assuming risk. The bank is also taking a chance since they are hoping to make money off you. At least that used to be true. In this century banks began selling the loans rather than keeping them as their own investments. The point that this was all Read more […]