Student who Uncovered College Support for ISIS may Face Criminal Charges

The Barry University student who helped conservative firebrand James O’Keefe secretly record a videoshowing school staff supposedly support ISIS could be facing criminal charges, according to a local news station. Laura Loomer, a senior studying communications, helped O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, capture secret video of staff members at Barry apparently offering advice on how to start a pro-Islamic State organization. Loomer pretended that she wanted to start an organization, Read more […]

Another Hollywood Hypocrite Environmentalist Caught Lying

Project Vertias and James O’Keefe have done it again. They’ve released a second video unmasking the lies of the Hollywood environmentalist movement – this one catches Susan Sarandon in all of the Hollywood hypocrisy. In the video, three undercover video journalists posing as “Muhammed” (the Middle Eastern oil baron), “Brandon,” and “Steven” (the advertising executives) meet with Sarandon. Sarandon refers “Muhammed” to Chris Talbott, her Activism Manager and one of the producers of her Oscar-winning Read more […]